Custom-built solutions to optimize your business processes

Whether you’re looking for an API/EDI integration or custom order processing software, our solutions drive efficiency, accessibility, and profitability. We will help you explore your unique needs to discover the system that works best for you. The solutions we custom-build are stable and require very little management or maintenance, making both your job and our job easier! 

We're committed to optimizing your business processes by providing the best-suited solutions for your company’s unique needs and challenges. We help clients identify and address current pain points to reach their short and long term goals, all while keeping an eye on the price tag. 

At Crackerjack-IT, we are also here for any post-integration support needs so that you feel confident in your software. We provide ongoing support, updates and reconfigurations, and annual optimization analysis.


API Integrations

Simplify your business with increased automation, consolidation, and productivity. API integration delivers, stores, tracks, and protects your data, all while saving time.

EDI Integrations

Link with the ideal product. Navigate installation & customization so your connection to the supply chain is reliable, fully automated & compliant with partner requirements.


OrderIQ is an order-scrubbing platform that uses custom business rules to effortlessly fix 95% of order discrepancies before they become issues for you or your customers.

Testimonial 1
Smoother & more efficient

“Crackerjack-IT designed a system that made our daily operations smoother and more efficient. The staff worked with us every step of the way, from listening to our needs as a company to assisting us through the launch of our new program. We highly recommend Crackerjack-IT for customized programming!

Cedric (Joel) Waggoner

Owner of Waggoner Chocolates

Testimonial 1
Crackerjack-IT makes me look good

“We have had several EDI ‘Experts’ before and none of them were able to fully understand the complex system I inherited as the new IT Manager for ThorWorks. That is until I met Alix and all the fine folks at Crackerjack-IT! They explained to me how the systems worked, made legitimate recommendations, and have become my de facto EDI “Employee.” I know that when I email Crackerjack-IT and say “I just received an email from X and they have an EDI question” it’s going to be handled quickly, correctly, and without breaking the bank! In short, Crackerjack-IT makes me look good! And you can’t beat that!”

Larry Atkinson

SealMaster IT Manager

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