About the Crackerjack-IT Team

Since 2012, Crackerjack-IT, Inc. has provided custom software and solutions for a wide variety of industries. We specialize in designing, coding, and customizing unique solutions for our clients’ biggest data-related business challenges. 

Our team is driven by our passion for transforming problematic processes into efficient, simple, user-friendly systems. We’re problem-solvers, technical experts, and business professionals, so we’re able to understand your needs from various perspectives. We fluently speak both “tech-talk” and plain English, so we’ll be your tech translators to ensure you always understand your options and our plans as we move forward (without feeling overwhelmed).

Meet Our Executive Team


Alix Schluter

Our resident EDI expert. With over 25 years of EDI experience in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and wholesale, EDI is like a second language for Alix. She has worked in a variety of challenging and fun environments, and she has been privileged to be part of many noteworthy projects such as the Cisco MHub Project and Tech Data's Virtual Inventory Integration Initiative. Alix has also led the charge on numerous large-scale EDI system installations and has helped countless clients with their EDI needs. She holds an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Josh Gelle

Our resident programming guru. As our Lead Programmer, Josh is responsible for all things code. He comes from an automotive and eCommerce background, and he’s honed his programming skills while developing numerous custom-built systems for his clients. Realistically, that makes him overqualified—but please don’t let him hear that. He has a BS in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University.

Case Studies & Testimonials



SealMaster (ThorWorks) has multiple franchise locations. They came to us with the goal of receiving orders in a more automated fashion. They were looking to simplify their processes on both sides of the transaction. Their main pain points were:

  1. Orders were submitted with incorrect quantities, pricing, and provided shipping via codes that were prohibited based on items being ordered, etc.
  2. Details were lost in translation while corresponding with customers via email regarding order changes
  3. All the franchisees had different ERPs and varied in their technical abilities

Following extensive research, we developed a customized portal that covers all of SealMaster’s business needs. This system allows their franchisees to build purchase orders (PO) that pass all business rules before allowing them to submit the PO for processing & shipment. If they enter a product and order an incorrect quantity by case pack, they are alerted and instructed on how to correct this error. This solves the endless back and forth emails between the franchisee and corporate, for all issues are now handled and resolved inside the portal before the order is placed. They no longer face financial issues regarding transaction fees and annual maintenance renewals. Overall, our solutions saved them about $6K annually!

Testimonial 1
Crackerjack-IT makes me look good

“We have had several EDI ‘Experts’ before and none of them were able to fully understand the complex system I inherited as the new IT Manager for ThorWorks. That is until I met Alix and all the fine folks at Crackerjack-IT! They explained to me how the systems worked, made legitimate recommendations, and have become my de facto EDI “Employee.” I know that when I email Crackerjack-IT and say “I just received an email from X and they have an EDI question” it’s going to be handled quickly, correctly, and without breaking the bank! In short, Crackerjack-IT makes me look good! And you can’t beat that!”

Larry Atkinson

SealMaster IT Manager

Waggoner Chocolates

Waggoner Chocolates came to us looking to set up an EDI with one of their current customers. They had been told that an EDI system would speed up their sales process, which took an average of two weeks from the time they received an order to the time it was shipped. Our team collaborated with all stakeholders to understand how many people were currently involved in getting orders processed and shipped. From these conversations, we mapped out their current process and found that it was over 50 steps long! We identified two main pain points in their process:

  1. Collating pick sheets to packing lists and shipping labels
  2. Determining shipping methods based on the climate of recipients’ locations

After analyzing these pain points, we connected Waggoner to their clients via XML, saving them $10K in software and $2K in annual maintenance. We then created a customized system that allowed them to easily manage and process their orders. This system automatically determined the best shipping method based on location and printed out a single page that encompassed their pick list, packing list, and shipping label. With our personalized solutions, their new process has been simplified down to one step!

Testimonial 1
Smoother & more efficient

“Crackerjack-IT designed a system that made our daily operations smoother and more efficient. The staff worked with us every step of the way, from listening to our needs as a company to assisting us through the launch of our new program. We highly recommend Crackerjack-IT for customized programming!

Cedric (Joel) Waggoner

Owner of Waggoner Chocolates

Axiom Memory Solutions

Serving resellers, VARs and their end users for nearly 25 years, Axiom is the fastest growing memory, storage, and fiber-optic connectivity upgrade provider in the corporate, SMB, and government markets. When Axiom came to us for help, their biggest struggles were:

  1. Inefficient order fulfilment that required significant customer service resources—orders required multiple touches before shipment and still experienced issues at the shipping line, causing costly delays
  2. A frustrating lack of accuracy on both sides of the sales process, as sales reps and accounting staff were processing too many RMAs for mis-ships or for orders that were received late or had the wrong items


We set Axiom up with our customized order processing platform, OrderIQ. With OrderIQ, Axiom could manage their entire ordering system with customized rules that were unique to each customer’s needs. The tedious rule checking and validation processes Axiom had been running manually became a thing of the past. With a new streamlined ordering process that guaranteed a 95% accuracy rate, the team could now dedicate their valuable time to growing the company. Axiom went from having 13% of their customers on EDI to 89%. EDI integration changed the entire face of their business—for the better.

Denali Advanced Integration

Denali Advanced Integration delivers enterprise IT solutions and services, powered by strategic experts and best-in-class technologies to help guide clients through the most complex IT challenges. With multiple divisions running out of a single ERP, Denali was looking for a way to send and receive data from their customers and suppliers in a way that would make it easily accessible to both their business and management sides. When we evaluated the system they were using, we found the biggest obstacle to their goal was this:

They had no centralized system for their data, and in some cases no access to data they needed

Our solution to this challenge was to use API Integration to connect Denali with all their major suppliers. This allowed them to do business in real time (or as close to it as technologically possible). With API, they could send and receive purchase order info, tracking, invoicing, prices and availability. With access to real time data visibility for customer shipments, such as weather delays and other service interruptions, Denali could keep all parties (wholesalers, retailers and customers) informed every step of the way—a crucial component of providing excellent customer service.

Sassy Woof

Sassy Woof produces dog apparel suitable for daily use that keeps “fur-babies” comfortable. Their designs are the result of endless hours of careful thinking and meticulous attention to detail and crafting. A small startup, they nonetheless needed EDI Integration to be able to sell their products at large retailers, including PetSmart. Their biggest challenge when they approached Crackerjack-IT?

As a small company, they didn’t have the resources, bandwidth, or technology in place to support their vision—and be able to compete in the retail space

To solve this problem, Crackerjack-IT partnered with Sassy Woof to learn about their current business needs and what kind of growth they expected. We helped select the most affordable EDI software and integrated it with their business systems (QuickBooks and Shopify). With this new system in place, Sassy Woof was not only able to sell their products through PetSmart, but has since added three more trading partners.