Broker Bin Integration Options

BrokerBin is the premiere online marketplace for buying and selling IT equipment. They currently offer two ways to get your data on their site and in front of your existing customers and potential new customers.

1. Manually upload an excel file in a specific format
2. Real Time Inventory (RIT) API posting


Manually uploaded data

This option is available to everyone but is the only option for Standard and Platinum members. Most of the companies with which we have communicated that are at this membership level are using Excel to manage the data going into this upload file. That's fine when there are 50 parts. What happens when you're managing 2000 parts or more? We have built integrations that extract data from multiple ERP systems into the file format that BrokerBin requires. Then you only need to upload that file on and you are up and running. The main limitation is, you have to remember to do this every day (or whatever schedule on which you run). We can push this automatically to your email address to act as a reminder to upload it as well.


Real Time Inventory (RTI)

This option is only available to Premier or Bold Premier members. With this integration, data is pushed to in real-time automatically using their REST API. This includes updating/removing parts also. The main benefit of this is, you no longer need to remember to upload a file manually to The scheduling can be whatever is necessary for your business. Does your inventory change hourly? Post hourly. Does your inventory change once a week? Post once a week.
Once we understand your requirements for what information needs to be posted, updated or deleted we roll up an application that will reach into your ERP’s database and publish this data on your desired schedule.


ERP Data Sources

Crackerjack-IT has integrated with QuickBooks, Fishbowl, Sage 100, Sage 500, GlobalShop, Netsuite and other ERPs for both the manually uploaded and Real Time Inventory uploaded processes.
Do you have an ERP to which you are concerned about not being able to connect? Contact us and we will assess what you have and provide recommendations to help you achieve as much automation as you want.



If you are already a BrokerBin customer or are interested in learning more, we can help you. We will help navigate the complexities of getting your data cleaned, prepped and uploaded. It does not matter if your data is automatic or manually generated. At Crackerjack-IT, we strive to help make processes more efficient and less error prone.