API Integrations

What is an API and why should you even care, right?

Well, they are free, yes F-R-E-E! and they can do a lot for your business’ bottom line.

Nowadays, APIs are literally used everywhere.  If you shopped online today, you used one to calculate the freight and estimate the time to receive your package.  Simply put, an API is a set of rules that governs how one application can talk to another.

Who uses API’s and how does that benefit you?

Do you ship products? All your carriers (Fedex, UPS, Airborne, DHL, etc) use API’s.  We can send validate the address entered on the Sales Order BEFORE it ships to make sure it’s a valid avoiding any mis-ships or address correction fees.

Do you estimate freight when quoting your customers?  Using the address entered on the Sales Order, the product weights, and a buffer for packaging we can give you a very accurate freight calculation to pass to your customer at the time of Quote.  We can even pad it slightly to make freight a profit center.