eStore/Marketplace Setups

Whether you have a brick and mortar store front and you’re ready to jump head first into the scary world of the online shopping marketplace or you just have a product you think might be next big thing, we can help!

Knowing how to navigate the Marketplace maze is a scary prospect and we’ll not only help you pick the best solution but we’ll teach you as we go. After all, you need to learn this stuff right?
Questions you’ll need to ask yourself:
  • How much time\personnel do you have to devote to managing this initiative?
  • Do you have an internal inventory\order processing system? (i.e. QuickBooks)
  • Do you have UPCs, weights, descriptions, marketing information, warranty info, etc for all your products?
  • Are you leaning more towards an ecommerce site (this is your own site where you will market your own product and process all transactions) or a Marketplace setup like Amazon, Ebay or
  • Will you be operating the ecommerce store or Marketplace store under your business name or a fictitious\DBA?