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EDI Integrations

Selection. Negotiation. Implementation.

Your Full-Service Solution for EDI Integrations.


What Are Your EDI Challenges?

Your Needs
Does a new client require you to have an automated EDI system, but you don't know where to start?
The Process
Do all the options sound the same - leaving you uncertain about how to choose the ideal solution?
Is your current EDI causing more problems than it solves - costing you too much in money and time?

Let us take the pain out of your EDI integration process.

Setting up an efficient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
may seem daunting. Together, we can make your EDI integration
painless, automated, and virtually carefree.
Step 1: Explore
Take a look inside. Designing the best EDI system begins
with exploring your unique needs. From simple Q&As to
full-scale analyses, we help you identify your pain points –
and your solutions.
  • EDI vs XML Evaluation
  • Client Requirement Reviews
  • Transaction Set Analysis
  • Custom EDI Mapping
Step 2: Navigate
Get an EDI-geek-speak translator. Navigating the EDI
software choices requires an understanding of the lingo
and the possibilities. We help decipher the differences
and negotiate the terms.
  • Pros & Cons Analysis
  • EDI Software Selection
  • Price & Term Negotiation
Step 3: Manage
Customized project management for your real needs.
Overseeing the integration process and ensuring the
software is working properly requires expertise. We offer
full-service or liaison options.
  • Set-Up & Testing Consultation
  • Mapping Transaction Sets
  • Min. Accuracy Rate of 98.6%
  • 24/7 Customer Service (optional)
Step 4: Support
We’re here for any post-integration support needs – but
now it’s time to enjoy your automated, hands-free system
that runs on a schedule and notifies you if it encounters
something unexpected.
  • EDI Department Outsourcing
  • Ongoing Support & Consultation
  • Updates & Reconfigurations
  • Annual Optimization Analysis
Explore the possibilities
Request a free consultation.