Data Analysis

Other analytics available…

  • Product Line\Trend Reporting
  • Sales \Customer\Vendor Performance Reviews
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Material Planning\Scheduling
  • Commission and Sales Reporting
  • Inventory Aging
Make your data work for you!  It’s already in your system or easily accessible and free from your service providers.  Knowing all the variables makes for better business decisions.


FedEx\UPS - Logistics

  • What does it “really” cost you to ship  product?
  • What are  your “true” receiving cost?
  • Do you know the difference between dimensional vs package weight and that carriers can actually hit you with a fee if you don’t use the correct one when shipping your products?
  • Are you disputing service level failures and getting your money back when carriers fail to delivery your packages on time?
  • Are you  utilizing the free freight API’s that the carrier’s provide to estimate freight charges  for your customers?
  • Are you padding these freight estimates to your customers and using freight as a profit center to generate extra revenue?

If the answer was no, to even one of these questions, let Crackerjack- IT help you realize all the hidden potential in your systems data.  Don’t “revenue share” with some company that really just wants to harvest your data  and take half of your profit.