Data Aggregation Solutions

You shouldn't have to pay for high priced solutions like ChannelOnline, Quosal or QuoteWerks when you already have access to these data feeds direct from your distributors for free.

Let us help you and your sales team realize the greater potential and your data and faster turn around time in quoting and winning deals.

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes your sales team to look up pricing by aggregating all the information they need to quote deals into one easy to read screen
  • Add to that aggregated data all internal company info like unit cost, suggested price, competitor pricing, on hand inventory, channel inventory and even last sale information by customer
  • Need to see Distribution price history on a particular part and the date it was offered at that price? No problem, all that history is captured and displayed at the click of your mouse
  • Need to see x-sell or up-sell parts?
  • How about US1, WSCA or GSA pricing? That can be added in there too.
  • What about competitor parts with disty inventory and pricing? Yep, that is displayed as well.