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If You Can Dream It –
We Can Build It.
Custom Software and Data Solutions
We’re driven by our passion for transforming problematic processes into efficient, simple,
user-friendly systems, and we thrive when we’re faced with chaos (as long as we’re
empowered to craft systematic harmony, of course).
Intranet Solutions
Get more from your business management software – more efficiency, more power, more access. Jax integrates your ERP system into one streamlined, fully customizable online platform. Featuring single user license fees and on-demand access. Save money and increase productivity by allowing remote employees access to the same information as your internal staff.
EDI Integrations
Take the pain out of EDI integrations with full-service support from experts you can trust. We connect you with the ideal product and navigate installation and customization – so your connection to the supply chain is reliable, fully automated, and compliant with partner requirements.
API Integrations
An API is the engine under the hood that processes requests and ensures seamless operation between various applications. We can help you enhance functionality by utilizing existing APIs to connect you to suppliers, vendors, shopping apps and more. API integrations simplify your business with increased automation, consolidation, and productivity. It will deliver, store, track, and protect your data, all while saving time.
Transform Chaos into Efficiency
Designing, Coding, and Customizing Dynamic Systems